Monday, August 20, 2007

R&N - 08/20/07

Morning folks! Woke up at 7:45am, for some reason. Probably, because of my new headquarters... Finally out the house with HIGH SPEED internet... :-p Anywayz, back to tha rumors & news...

Janet & JD Married?!

I heard something about Janet & JD got married this weekend. I heard this is how Ms. Janet does it. Never gets married the traditional way, due to wanting her privacy. I guess well know when she admits it. If so, congrats to them! So does that mean they BOTH JD now?

TI - Once Was Lost

TI is reportedly gonna be in a movie with Danny Glover called "Once Was Lost". The storyline seems to be that TI's best friend gets killed, and he's gonna take a lil' road trip with Danny Glover from Harlem to Mississippi to get revenge... It should be comin' out in '08. Hope to see it soon. It might be good.

Bow Wow & Angela Simmons?!

Well, it seems to be that Bow Wow is now going out with Angela Simmons... Run's Daughter! Does Run's House still have new episodes? Will he be a new character on the show?


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