Friday, August 17, 2007

R&N - 08/17/07

Lil' Wayne - Dissing Back...


If you guys heard the 50 Cent track, then you KNOW Lil' Wayne ain't gonna stand for that. Rumor has it, he's gonna put out a track called "Gossip"... This may be interesting... Who should win?

Bill O'Reilly - Nas Protest

I'm convinced... Bill O'Reilly is officially a hater... First Ludacris, now Nas of all people. Virginia Tech is gonna have a concert featuring Nas for the students coming back this semester, and he feels that Nas is a "gangsta rapper". After doing "I Can", "If I Ruled The World", and "Rule" ft. Amerie (go peep that song online), he's been categorized for gangsta rap...

Tell that man to stop harassing his secretary and asking for lewd favors, then maybe Nas will stop doing "gangster rap"...

Peep the video:

Method Man - Ironic Sentence

Method Man was pulled over for having an expired tag... Police caught him with 28 grams of marijuana, while he was smoking it in the car... So he got a ridiculous amount of fines for it. His sentence: he will join New York's Choices and Consequence program as part of his community service.

What else: He's got to create raps for children, warning about the dangers of drug use. :-p Gotta love that irony.

Omarion & Bow Wow - Designated Driving

Aye, remember when I said that Omarion & Bow Wow were doin' an album... "Designated Driver" may actually be a single... For some reason, I actually like it. I'll get you a guys a link later in the week... Oh wait... it's Friday... Have a great weekend! :-p


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