Monday, August 6, 2007

R&N - 08/06/07

Hey folks,

Sorry for such a late update... I been in the kitchen cookin' up some stuff, heheh. Meanwhile, things have REALLY been cooking in the hip-hop game. I'll try to make up for the day by givin' some of my exclusives...

Trina - Terror Squad Representer?

For one thing, a picture of Trina in concert has appeared online with her rocking a ... "Terror Squad" chain? What's up wit that? Crazy....

50 Cent & JT - Technology

Also, 50 Cent has put out a new single with Justin Timberlake. I had a rumor about it a while ago, called Technology.... aka "you know if you been reading up"... Just wild they actually put that out. Future has a great review on it, heheheh. Something to check out.

Nas - New Album in December?

Keep a lookout on a new Nas album. I hope it will get more play than his last one...

TI - TIP vs. TI: Revenge?

For all you TI fans out there... TI is doin' it AGAIN... He's trying to put out a sequel to TI vs. TIP this year! It probably won't happen, but he's ready for it. He's a got a dream team list in hand, so we'll see how that works... Keep a look out for an early '08 release...

Kanye & 50 - The Great Album Debate!

For those who keep up with 106 & Park, apparently Terrence and Rocsi asked 50 to have a debate with Kanye on who's got the better album. They are BOTH set to appear on 106 on September 11th... This will probably be interesting.

New Audio:

Fabolous - Make Me Better Remix

Cassidy - Big Spender Freestyle

New Video:

50 Cent ft. JT - Ayo Technology


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