Wednesday, July 18, 2007

R&N - 07/18/07

Skip Murphy - Leaving K104

Dallas based radio personality, Skip Murphy (not to be confused with Skip Cheatham of Flava TV) is reported to be leaving K104 for the sister company 105.7FM. It is said that Skip Cheatham will be taking his morning talk show spot. Good luck to both Skips on their endeavors.

Shout out to my girl, B for the info. :-D

Don Imus - Back on the Radio?

Well, there are rumors abound that the Imus Man aka Mr. Nappy Headed Hoe has a new job. Now, I heard a rumor months ago that Imus secured a gig in satellite radio, but he must have been looking for something extra. Guess what that extra is? A BLACK FEMALE CO-HOST! According to EURweb, Imus is out at comedy clubs looking for Black female comics to join him in September when he is supposed to be coming back. The sidekick would keep him in “check” in the event any racial jokes pop up.

Remy Ma - The Controversial Shooting Of The Week

I actually didn't plan on posting this article, but apparently it has snowballed since I've heard about it into a big discussion. This is what I understand so far. Remy was hanging out with her entourage and a close friend of hers was said to have stolen $3000 from her. After they get out of the club, her friend claims that Remy had shot her while trying to get into her car.

Remy has been taken into custody on attempted murder charges... The ACTUAL facts are still blurry. I'll keep you guys posted as this story progresses.


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