Wednesday, July 18, 2007

R&N 07/18/07 - Evening Edition

So much news today, i had to break it into 2 sections...

Ciara & 50 Cent - 50 or Curtis?

So... Young Lloyd, T.I., Yung Joc and Ciara was on 106 & Park today to talk about their new ScreamFest '07 tour. Rocsi decided to keep Ciara on for a couple extra questions... Like her new video with 50.

Hot looking video all up on 50 Cent... Rocsi & Terrence had to ask about that as well as why she was sitting by him at the BET Awards and why she had "25?" on the back of her outfit. She had explained that on BET's Countdown of Great Dancers (correct me if I'm wrong) and they voted Ciara as number 25. She was kinda upset about it, so she wore that outfit.

ALSO, they asked Ciara if, on the phone, she calls 50 Cent, "50" or "Curtis"... She was kinda embarassed to answer. She said just stated that they were "close friends".

They both have albums out or COMING out (50 pushed his album back to September). I figure it's just a publicity stunt. If not, I guess we'll find out soon, huh. ;-D

Quick Tidbits:

Chingy & Ludacris - Back Together!
New DTP vid premiered on BET: Access Granted today (Celebrity Chick)... Chingy is officially back in DTP!

Fantasia - Loving The Color Purple
Fantasia is currently on Broadway in the musical, The Color Purple and doing a phenomenal job! So much, that she extended the contract until 2008. Do ya thing, Fantasia!

B. McNight - Broadway McNight
Mr. McNight will also be doing a broadway musical in the near future. Watch out for that.


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