Friday, July 6, 2007

R&N - 07/06/07

50 Cent - Amusement Park Fiasco

If you folks wanted to know the reason why 50 didn't spit the 1st verse of Amusement Park at The BET Awards last week, he gave an explanation @ 106 & Park.

The rapper showed up at "106" on Wednesday after the award show to explain what happened. "Everything doesn't quite happen the way you practice it," 50 said. "I was kinda hit by the aerialist and I was weebly wobbly coming down. 25 feet in the air man, you fall no one can help you with that. Then by the time you get down you try to regroup, you got the pyro going off, the music started, we're four bars into the song , I just didn't - I wasn't concentrating."

50 & JT - They Say "She Wants It"

50 & Justin Timberlake also worked on a new song called "She Wants It". I believe this may be the song that was rumored to be called "Porno"or "Pornography" Peep the link below for an exclusive hearing.

Jay-Z/Weezy Beef

For those of you who've heard about the beef bw/ Lil' Wayne and Jay-Z, it seems to have escalated some... This was Jay-Z's reply on "Watch What You Say To Me" remix by TI leaked on the internet...

"You swear these ni99as was dangerous / The gangsta sh!t they be saying / Lock em up in the booth with a half an ounce of that cannabis / Sit back, and watch the outlandish sh!t they portraying." Hmmmm...

"I hear you baiting me lately / I've been doing my best just to stay hater-free / Still, watch what you say to me / Sooner or later, I'll take you up on your offer / And put you all in your place / Like I'm replacing your father," Werd. "You talking to the author, the architect of The Blueprint / My DNA in your music / Motherf#@$er you stupid."

Wayne Brady Divorce

Wayne Brady is divorcing with his wife, Mandie Taketa Brady. Mandie filed for divorce this week. The couple have a 4 year-old daughter Maile.

TI - Goin' Gold

T.I.'s fifth album, T.I. vs. T.I.P. is reportedly on pace to being the highest selling rap album of the year.

The album is projected to sell over 500,000 copies by next week and will grab the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200. The album features guest appearances from Jay-Z, Eminem, Wyclef Jean and Busta Rhymes.

How he got to put together his album... a wish list...

"I created a wish list of whoever I wanted to work with," explained T.I. "Jason Geter (T.I.'s Manager) and company, they went out, they made it known that this is who I wanted to work with and they were kind enough to respond with cooperation."

Uncle Luke's World

Uncle Luke is puttin' out his own reality show called "Luke's World".

"Viewers will see Campbell interact with his fiancé, who reminds the mogul/activist that his life revolves around more than running his National Youth Football League and his 16-year-old daughter, who is dealing with the pressure of being "Luke’s little girl."

Throughout Luke's World, viewers will witness Campbell playing golf at the 18-hole "East" golf course at the Country Club of Miami as well as wearing various hats, from auditioning girls for his next DVD to attending parent-teacher conferences for his son to having heart-to-heart talks with his daughter.

The show will also feature Campbell trying to steer his 13-year-old son away from the influence of his public persona."

To see the pilot, check out the link.


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