Monday, February 4, 2013

Mixtape Monday

Hey folks,

Check out this smokin' hot track from Christon's Body Art. Definitely a great piece of work here. Another reason why I can't wait for the WLAK (We Live As Kings) album. Enjoy.

Christon Gray ft. Swoope, Alex Faith and Dre Murray - 
Blue Skies

Label: Collision Records
Album: Body Art
Quick Bio: At age 24, Christon Gray is an artist truly ahead of his time. Musically gifted to write, sing, rap, produce and design, there are no limitations on his ability to reach every demographic. His sound is a premium blend of classical, jazz, gospel, soul, pop and even rap in a sophisticated manner. His inspirations range from Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Steely Dan, Michael McDonald, Bill Withers, Earth Wind and Fire, to Donnie McClurkin, Marvin Winans, Lauryn Hill, The Roots and Alicia Keys. In 2006, he entered the Christian Rap genre writing, rapping, singing and producing.


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