Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Worship Wednesday..... More and More

Hows it going Fam, KMJW here

Been a while since I gave you something to listen to. Ironic that its Worship Wednesday and I got a good one for you. This track comes to you from Israel Houghton & New Breed from their latest project Jesus at the Center. the song is called More and More, and isnt that all we want from our Lord and Savior? the words are so on point with me today, and I hope you can enjoy them as well....... for all my guitar fans out there, look out for 3:43, Man...... Song already took me high, but at that point I was head gone. Not going to lie, there may be some fist pumping going on, feel free to break into a praise dance I know I did.

Israel Houghton

Jesus at the Center

More and More

Have a Blessed Day,

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