Thursday, May 31, 2012

Take Me

Hey guys its KMJW finally posting something. but today I felt that since its Testimony Thursday I wanted to share this song by J Moss titled Take Me from his upcoming V4 album. We dig into ourselves and find hurt and pain and we feel that we are just an average person.  The song asks questions that every person asks."Does he really care for me?" "Does he know anything about me?" "Does he hold this world in his hand?" and the answer is YES he does. Then it asks "Is he too big that he doesn't understand?" "Have I gone too far away from your presence""Have I strayed away too far to hear what you say"and to that the answer is NO. He is just waiting for you to run back to him. Cry out to your Father ask him to "Take Me" and he will. don't let your past keep you from your future glories. Be your OWN Testimony to God's glory and run back to him and let him take you. Run to him daily. Let the world know how he took you back even when you turned away from him. and for those who feel they haven't turned away, if there ever is a time that you do, know that you just need to run back, he will take you.

J Moss

Take Me


Have a Blessed Day 

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