Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Through the Good & Bad

Hey Fam, this is KMJW here and today is Worship Wednesday. Today we have a track from J Moss. The track is from his album V4. and is called Good & Bad.

I picked this song today because we should be grateful that through out the day God will love us through our good and our bad.... Now that doesn't mean to deliberately go out and do bad, but it means that even when we mess up and feel that we can't show our face at church/school/home/friends/family..... God will always be someone who is there for you and all he wants for you to do is acknowledge that what you did was wrong and turn away from it. So just a reminder to all of you, God will love you through your Good & Bad...... just get right and don't let the bad keep you from doing what is right.

J Moss

Good & Bad

Have a Blessed Day

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