Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Worship Wednesday

Hey folks,

Check out this live performance from William Murphy III. I pray the Lord ignites the fire of those who are wanting to worship Him in spirit and truth. Enjoy and be blessed.

William Murphy III - Ignite My Fire

Label: Murphy 3 Ministries

Quick Bio:
Possessing a voice that is nothing short of stunning, in range and dynamics, and with seasoned hit-makers flare for instantly accessible, engaging and unforgettable words and music, William makes music that crosses all lines of age, creed and color. William Murphy makes for the masses, and The Sound is the calling card introducing one of the most formidable talents in contemporary music.William and his wife and two children moved to Atlanta as he became the church’s Senior Minister of Worship, a position he held until December 2005. In January 2006, he and his wife, Pastor Danielle launched the dReam Center church. The dReam Center church is alive in the earth teaching men to cultivate, strengthen and build their personal relationships with Jesus, their wives, their children, their families and their communities thru prayer, worship, family, evangelism, education, wealth development and social action.


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