Thursday, June 23, 2011

Testimony Thursday

Hey folks,

Today's Testimony is coming from Minister Trevor Pope. Check out his video called Thug Life and his testimony.

Trevor Pope - Thug Life

Quick Bio:
Trevor was born in Bridgeport, CT to June Pope and the Late Marshall Pettway as an only child. Being raised by his mother only, Trevor still maintained a close relationship with his father until his untimely death in 1998. From the time Trevor was born up until his teenage years, he was brought up in the way that he should go. Although he never forgot the things he was taught as a child, he began to become very headstrong and rebellious around the age of twelve. Trevor not realizing at the time that, that same rebellion would put him through a time of suffering in his years to come.

In 2002, God called Trevor to start a ministry that uses rap as one of its ways to reach people young and old. He has ministered, witnessed, and testified on various street corners, churches, concerts, and at other different events. Trevor has recently released his first album called The Atonement, in which he hopes (Lord Willing) is not the last. Trevor has come a very long way from the same street life that easily entangles our youth today. God has moved mightily in his life, and helped him realize without Jesus, he is nothing. Trevor now sees Only What He Does For Christ Will Last. So in all he does and accomplishes he truly thanks God for it, for God deserves all the glory.


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