Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Anthem of Praise

Hey folks,

Today, we have a selection from Richard Smallwood. This is sure to put some of you into a good Praise Break! Enjoy.

Richard Smallwood & Vision - Anthem of Praise


Quick Bio: Richard Smallwood was born in Atlanta Georgia in Atlanta, Georgia and an American Gospel music artist. He formed The Richard Smallwood Singers in 1977 in Washington, DC. As a young man at Washington, D.C.’s renowned Howard University—living a life immersed in both the great classical music of the last several centuries, and the campus radicalism of the late-‘60s that raised a loud—and proud—voice, that would not be silenced, demanding that studies of African and black American history, music and all art forms be included in the school’s curriculum. Forming the Smallwood Singers in 1977, Richard set about the arduous process of doing demo recordings and trying to get a hearing in the music industry. He got that hearing, and a major-label recording contract followed in 1982, leading to an almost-unparalleled string of what is now, with Journey! Live in New York, 15 consecutive Top-10 albums.

As Richard looks back, as well as forward, on one of the great stories of contemporary music, it’s clear that this “script” is very much a work-still-in-progress. “There are some tangible musical things I still want to do,” he says, “but to continue to grow—creatively and spiritually—has always been my heart. I hope and pray to increase this ministry in a way that will do supernatural work in the hearts and lives of the listeners. We’re here for a certain season and a certain reason, and it is a journey. And when you’ve done all you can do— then God takes you home. “I want to make music that will linger and have a lasting effect—one that will lift burdens and change lives…and heal—long after I’ve gone on.”

Psalm 150 - Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the Lord.


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