Saturday, May 14, 2011

OnSmash Saturday

Hey folks,

Check out this track from Jahaziel featuring a hot cast of Christian artists. Enjoy.

Jahaziel ft. G Kid, The Ambassador & Da T.R.U.T.H. - I'm Alive Remix

Quick Bio: Driven by his love for God, love for mankind and love for music, Jahaziel has a heart for all people, and specifically possesses a passion for the youth. With his own past experiences of seeing no option except to make a life through crime, Jahaziel understands the minds of young people caught up in street culture and ghetto lifestyle. He is able to relate to the feelings of hopelessness they face, yet Jahaziel comes to shine the light in darkness. For many years he has been involved in extensive youth projects, leading workshops and initiatives in schools and prisons for young men who especially need reaching. Jahaziel feels a huge sense of responsibility towards them and desires to encourage and empower youth.

Utilizing his phenomenal gift, Jahaziel incorporates his music with youth work. Through honest lyrics addresses real life issues, and delivers powerful messages through his positive, thought-provoking music. Yet he also has a wide appeal and desires to reach everyone. Above all, Jahaziel always wants to inspire all people to get closer to God.

Label: Preacha Boy Music


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