Monday, March 28, 2011

Mixtape Monday

Hey folks,

In this song, D-Maub speaks on transparency. Our life is like an open book to people. To everyone who is friends with us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, and most importantly everyday life. It's always a good idea to show people your light. You never know what direction you'll guide them to.

D-Maub - Inside Out

One Route Entertainment

Quick Bio: Donny "D-M.A.U.B." Harper is Dedicated to Making All Underestimaters's what his name stands for. Like most thrown onto to the platform of ministering the word of God, this young man has seen his share of trials and tribulations. When his childhood friend, Robert "Lazarus" Smith pulled him aside and introduced him to Christ, Donny took the role full on. Tragically losing his mother in 1997, D-M.A.U.B. finally saw that there was more to life than what he had been doing. He accepted the invitation and started turning a skill he has always possessed to glorify God and spread his awesome testimony of coming through tough struggles. He wants people to know that we can have fun and draw men to Christ through his lyrics and beats. But most of all he desires to draw all to Christ.


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