Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What Are They?...........

A few days ago I ran across an article on entitled "They're Rapper's, Not Pastors!" which explained the understanding that not all Christian rappers are also pastors by default. Neither should we expect them to have the type of impact that pastors have on our lives. They share the good news of Jesus Christ through the avenue of rap, but that does not make listeners their congregation.

The one thing we should point out that the article doesn't is, ACCOUNTABILITY! That is the key thing in ministry that we cannot afford to lose sight of. As a rapper you may not be a pastor but you are still a minstrel (musician or singer) who ministers through song. So you are now accountable for the music you put out. And similar to a pastor you are responsible for the messages you deliver to those who listen to you. So rappers please keep in mind that you may not be a pastor, but you are accountable for the content you put out as well the platform that you minister from.

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