Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wyclef Bids For Presidency

Wyclef Running for President of Haiti!

Wyclef Jean will announce his bid for the President of Haiti. The rapper will announce his bid for the country’s presidency on August 5th.

The rapper went into action on January 12th, when Haiti was leveled by a 7.0 earthquake that left 300,000 people dead over a million others displaced. He helped raise over $10 million dollars in less than three months.

Wyclef maintained his status as a citizen of Haiti, was in the country yesterday. His uncle, Raymond Joseph, has been the Haitian ambassador to the United States since 2005 and helped Wyclef’s drive to raise money and relief aid for victims of the massive earthquake. Elections are set for November 28th.

Good luck, Clef!


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