Sunday, June 27, 2010

More Passion

Juanita Bynum - More Passion (Album Review)

More Passion is the latest offering from Juanita Bynum. The release of Bynum’s new album on Flow Records, the independent gospel label she founded four years ago, serves as a transitional point for the label and the artist. The popular singer, televangelist and media personality has recently signed with Mathew Knowles’ Music World imprint. Her first album for Music World, “The Diary of Juanita Bynum,” will be out some time this summer.

For More Passion, Juanita Bynum called upon renowned gospel producer and recording artist Myron Williams to sit at the helm of the project. Williams has produced more than seven projects for Bynum. He also has worked with gospel superstars like TD Jakes, Kim Burrell, Marvin Sapp and Karen Clark-Sheard.

The sound of More Passion revisits Bynum’s hit double disc Piece of my Passion(2006). For the most part, the new album is filled with covers of popular worship songs; songs like the Martha Munnizzi/Israel Houghton ballad “God is Here” and Russell Frager’s “Love You So Much.” Another Houghton cover, Juanita Bynum and her crew of background vocalists bring a refreshing feel to the one up-tempo track on the album, “Cover the Earth.” For all of the high points on the album, there was one track that it could have very well lived with out, “Passion.” “Passion” is a beautiful ballad that has Bynum singing over the lush instrumentation of an orchestra. Unfortunately, Bynum’s voice could not handle the intensity of the music and the vocal was overwhelmed by the orchestra. The two standout tracks on the album are, coincidentally, the first and the last. The first track and single, “You’ll Never Thirst,” is inspired by the story of the woman at the well. Well-written lyrics and a solid vocal performance by Bynum easily makes this one of the best songs on the whole album.

The last track, “Inside of You,” serves as the only original song on the album. This mid-tempo/pop record finds Bynum at her vocal best. The song’s inspiring message reminds us that everything that we are in need of is already inside of us.

The album, from beginning to end, exudes sincerity and is perfect for times of prayer and meditation.

Please click here to order this CD. Enjoy and be blessed.

Review written by Calvin J. Walker

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