Monday, February 1, 2010

2010 Grammy Awards

OK... first let me say to the Music Forecast boss, Andy,'s YOUR turn to cover the next awards show! Lol. Here is my very quick run down of the Grammys.

The 2010 Grammys did not dissapoint. Among all of the other awards given, Beyonce won a female record 6 grammys, Taylor Swift got Album of the Year (No Kanye by the way), and Jay-Z and Rihanna got best collab. It opened with Lady Gaga tearin up the stage in her poker face and toning it down a bit with Elton John. Loved that performance. Beyonce sang...and I mean she SANG "If I were a Boy" with every breath those lungs could push out. For a hot second as she came down the stairs, it looked like she ALMOST may have had a little trip, but the diva caught it and if you blinked you would have missed it. That was my fav performance of the night of course. I couldn't help but to get on my feet once I saw the Broadway cast of "American Idiot"/Green Day perform 21 Guns. That song will probably be in my head for a week now. Loved it.

Pink of course did her song in the air while probably getting a few people drenched through out her song, but it was still a great performance. Well done Pink, now get a towel! Jamie Foxx, T-Pain and Slash came together on the stage in what I thought was not the best performance by Jamie Foxx. You can tell he wasn't really singing. That bothered me a bit. Also, there seemed to be a case of "Who the hell is that?" when they seemed to bring a lady on stage with them, right before they introduced Slash. Maybe one of those people that sent in video so they could dance on stage? (Shrugs shoulders.) We of course can forget the Micheal Jackson tribute that tugs on your Heart strings. Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood, Usher, Smokey Robinson, and Celine Dion sung "What About Us" right before the King of Pop was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award. Prince and Paris Jackson accepted on his behalf with and emotional thank you.

The Black Eyed Peas kept sayin what "Imma Be" for what seemed like forever. Imma Be giving that performance a B-. Got bored with it after a while... oh well.. Go Peas!!
Mary J. Blige and Andrea Bocelli sang for Haiti... literally. While you were watching it you could purchase the song and donate to a charity for to help out with the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake. I CANNOT leave out Maxwell singing his awesome single that he got nominated for, "Pretty Wings". However, he did sound a little hoarse while singing it. Need a lemon Max? It was still nice to finally see him performing again. Lil Wayne, Eminem, and Drake proved that they owned the stage as the performed "Forever". I gotta admit, I wasn't a big fan of that song until I saw that performance.

So, that is my quick run down of the Grammys. If you missed it.. of Music Forecast got you covered on the videos below.


Baby J

Lady Gaga



Green Day w/Broadway Cast

Black Eyed Peas

Lil Wayne, Eminem, and Drake

Tribute to Michael Jackson

Lifetime Achievement Award- Prince and Paris Jackson accept the award


Tribute to Haiti

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