Friday, January 8, 2010

Twista Number One On YouTube

Twista Hits Number One On YouTube?!

It seems that a "Do or Die"-hard Twista fan had hacked into a YouTube account and cranked the YouTube odometer causing the views for a certain Twista video to go up to an amazing 80 Billion views. (Imagine what this hacker could do for you in Mafia Wars.) :-p

The video for the song “Do You” was posted by LadyMC311. Because of this, the video was became YouTube’s most viewed video of all time beating out “Charlie Bit My Finger" and a Susan Boyle performance. The bug has been fixed now, so it has reverted back to around 75,000 views.

Twista is reported as saying, “If you happen to do it again, make sure you hook me up a million members on or my Twitter page.”


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