Sunday, January 24, 2010

Exclusive Calvin Walker Interview

Up and Coming Author, Calvin Walker
"The Gallery" - Exclusive Interview

Before we get into the man behind the book, watch the trailer for this refreshing new novel.

The Gallery - Trailer

"Check out this exclusive in-depth interview featuring book-writer, Calvin Walker with BCSM's Teerah Jennett over his new hit 'THE GALLERY'. The Gallery poses literary pictures of taboo secrets in the lifestyles of a Christian, and through out the secular community. It includes experiences dealing with the issues of homosexuality in religion to parental neglect. Hands down, The Gallery is a 'must read'!"...

The Gallery - Pt. 1

The Gallery - Pt. 2
(speaks more on his book and his musical tastes)

I can honestly say it's been a pleasure reading this captivating novel!
If you would like to purchase this book, you can visit :

For more information on Calvin and his work, please check out or you can follow him @calvinauthor on Twitter.


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