Saturday, October 24, 2009

That's ok. We'll show you how to Bounce.

Bounce (...because I wasn't aware there are TWO).
Now, do the ham & cheese!

If you DON'T know what I'm referring to, watch this! The Jonas Brothers posted it Friday night of last week. Basically, it's a silly song, which parodies music videos from the early 90s. Seriously, it's hilarious! Demi Lovato starts off mimicking Fergie's "Let's Get It Started" intro. The lyrics are crazy, too.

The others dancing will be in the upcoming sequel to Camp Rock. The original movie premiered June 2008 on the Disney Channel, and was a cable television success.

After Tweeting the link to this video, "Bounce" got to a Twitter Top Trend within 25 minutes! EPIC! love!

The song is really catchy and totally one of those that get stuck in your head. Remember, if you can't dance, "that's ok, We'll show you how to bounce." :-P


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