Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kanye West: Again???

Is Kanye ever gonna learn?

Kanye West performed at the 'Common & Friends Benefit Concert,' a charity event this past weekend. Rumor has it that he got mad over some chicken!

"Why wasn't I offered chicken?" Kanye complained, according to several sources. "You want me to perform for free, [and] everyone is eating ... Why am I not eating?" When a waitress tried to explain that he hadn't asked for food, Kanye allegedly said, "Well, I'm asking now!"

Finally, when he received his meal, he allegedly took one bite, then threw the rest out, while the rest of the artists backstage looked on "in awe."

If this is true...all I have to say is Kanye, your fans can only take so much from you. Take a minute and WOOSAAHH!!

Baby J

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