Monday, September 14, 2009

Best Moments of the 2009 VMAs

WOW! That's what I said after I got done watching the 2009 VMA's! All of a sudden I get a text from the boss here at Music Forecast telling me to post about it. Imagine how happy I was to find out I get to post all the most talked about moments. From Kanye West's big and embarrassing outburst, to Janet's tribute to her big bro, to Jay-Z's big performance with Alicia Keys that literally made me fall in love with New York...and I'm from Chicago. I was blown away first of all at Kanye West. I'm am a big fan of his and last night...he made it hard to be his fan. That was just mean and uncalled for. Taylor Swift was just about left speechless and Beyonce seem mortified. Of course being the classy woman she is, after coming to pick up her award for video of the year, she told Taylor Swift to come on stage so she could finally have her moment. (Claps for Beyonce and Taylor Swift...smacks the hell outta Kanye.) However, after the VMA's, Kanye West did apologize to Taylor, her fans, and her mom. Not sure I would be forgiving though.

Of course we can't forget about the tear jerker speech Madonna gave and the very well put together and awesome tribute to Michael Jackson. Amazing dancers rocked it out to a medley featuring MJ's well known songs, "Thriller", "Bad", "Smooth Criminal", and Janet Jackson bursts through joining them on the song she made with her big bro, "Scream". It touched my heart to see her dancing while watching her brother on the screen. (It was as though they were dancing together.)

Among some of the best performances, Lady Gaga performed a performance that made you wonder if she was channeling Madonna from her Vogue days and Pink of course didn't disappoint. Pink belted out her single "Sober" while literally doing a trapeze act! How she was able to keep singing while doing that I will never know. Beyonce of course made all the single ladies shout "Where my ring at?!" as she and what seemed like an army of women tore the place up with her single "Single Ladies".

After all that...I got to find out that I get to bring it all to you! If you missed it...just scroll down and watch all the best moments from the 2009 VMAs!! Enjoy.

~Baby J~

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