Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This Is Energy (myspace.com/thisisenergy) needs your help! We wrote about them a few months ago. They're releasing their first album called "How it Begins"

Read all about it here:

Tweet #howitbegins to help them out, too. :) Check out their website: http://www.thisisenergy.net/

Also, new girl band, KSM, have been opening for Jonas Brothers, Honor Society, & Mitchel Musso. Today, their debut album is out in stores!

"Read Between the Lines" official music video


Here's their Twitpic of buying their album! (via @Ksmofficial)
Tweet #Readbetweenthelines to help them, too. It's the album title. :)

Add them on myspace.com/ksmofficial


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