Sunday, August 16, 2009

R&N -8/16/09- Gospel Sundays

Gospel MiXTaPe SunDAYS.....

While fashion has taken a trip back to the 80's and is moving slowly into the 90's - music has undergone it's own blast from the past with the revival of "The Mix tape" I think it's really cool...I recently took notice of it while following some independent DC artist that I love - mainly Muhsinah....and being amongst other singers from NY to Dallas in this new WAVE of "Space age" artistry (70's) I've found the Mix tape making it's way into the gospel in scene ;-) The Gospel kid...well...young lady now "KIKI" is releasing her new album 09/22/09 entilted Kiki's Mixtape. The Album is a collection of Kierra’s biggest songs. It will feature the debut single “You Don’t Know” and one of my favorites “Why Me”. In a nutshell it's ~ A “Bold Right Life” montage, a Christmas song, a new track produced by J. Drew Sheard, plus three unreleased tracks, and the unforgettable hits. I mean....why not just see what we're gettin into?

Track Listing
01. I Want Back

02. You Don't Know

03. Wave Your Banner (Monstamix)

04. Sing To The Lord

05. Teach Me

06. Why Me

07. Love Like Crazy (extended mix)

08. This Christmas

Looks worth tha listen...09/22 COP THAT!


Do you remember this lil guy?

Someone put a youtube of this lil dude on my Myspace long time ago- KILLIN, he was blowing you hear me?? And I was just amazed at how skillfully he used his voice at such a young age. Well his album All that I have is available online RIGHT NOW: Check out this song from his album ~ Sang for Jesus Baby!!

Is it just me or does he kinna SouNd like Kiki????? Hmmmm. It could be the style.

Ix TaPE GrrrRRRR!!! haha

DUde.....He sounds like Kierra!!!

But real talk - support this young dude cuz he could be out there sangin bout "Keisha come back" or somethin too grown for him you know lol... but he's tryna be about his Father's biznis so I SAY - we should support him the best we can ;-)

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