Sunday, July 19, 2009

R&N - 7/19/09 Gospel Music Sunday

Ok...I'm so bootleg I know I KNOW, but check this out: You didn't hear from me weekend B4 last cuz I was at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans! It was HOTT! And guess what, I ran into Ms. Candy West and she said "Just call me!" So I GOTTA quit sleepin and get this good interview for ya'll - no doubt! BUt ya'll know who Ministered, yeah yeah Kirk (who I had the pleasure of meeting) but YO- Ya gurl LEDISI - She Ministered with her song "ALRIGHT" and yeah, I know we was all bobbin our heads to it feelin all "neo-soulish" and what not but when I tell you she Took us in, she DID that! So I wanna take this time to give it to you like I got it, and hope you're just as blessed as I am.

Lil live action...

Question of the day?

I saw alot of different talent and personalities that weekend, many familar faces. And one thing that stood out to me was how "cool" the secular people were. Now for me to say that, of course that means I had to have an experience with tha "saints" that made the aints seem much more Ya'll I was SO saddened, after a few days of bein around celebrities who genuinely appreciated folks -stopping, showin love, havin time for fans...I get to Sunday and the "gospel artists" minus Kirk an nem....some of them ya'll, u couldn't even speak to them...u had to "speak to their people" They were so HIGH up in tha Heavens with Mother Mary...that they "literally" didn't share the same reality as me...seemed to down right refuse it! What is that???? IF thats the price we have to pay as "Spiritual leaders" in the music ministry - is it worth it? Just a thought..... I said God, "There has to be a better way." Maybe I only saw one side of it though...who knows?

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