Wednesday, July 29, 2009

R&N- 07/29/09 - Evening News

Push Play's new album "FOUND" available Sept. 29, 2009! They've got a more mature sound from last year. I'll say their spicy single "Midnight Romeo" proves it. Btw, this was written on a plane.. with them yelling pieces of lyrics back & forth to each other. hahah.

Listen to their Radio In-studio Performances! Check them out HERE. (KissFM Boston)
Fan them on Facebook.
They will be around the country for the next month going to radio stations & playing acoustic shows for free. Check out their FULL schedule on their Myspace page.

Meanwhile, Honor Society's Debut album "Fashionably Late" is available for a 30% discount when you pre-order: Remember to Add them on Myspace.

Also, major props to Demi Lovato! She has the #1 album in the Country! She put her heart into her sophomore album & is reaping rewards. Congrats, Demi! Her album has soo many deep & meaningful songs! Remember December, Catch Me, & her hit single Here We Go Again is killer! :D

Here's her video if you haven't seen it yet. Very Kelly Clarkson-like :) haha

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