Tuesday, July 21, 2009

R&N- 07/21/09- Evening News

It's Tuesday! 2 HUGE albums out today~

The lovely Jordin Sparks with "Battlefield". I didn't really like her music til I saw her perform Battlefield live for the Jonas Brothers & Honor Society World Tour. I figured out that she was actually saying "Better go get your Armor.." versus what I misheard.. "rubber" or "Mother". haha. seriously. She's super cool! & Track 10 was written with Christa Black! She's 1 of my heroes, and musicians, and 1 of the very talented females in the String section for the Jonas Brothers. Check out her fully insightful blog Here: Christablack.blogspot.com

& the lovely Demi Lovato. Her sophomore album entitled: "Here We Go Again" makes a fierce display of her vocals and her song-writing. John Mayer co-wrote 1 of the songs with Demi. Nick Jonas helped with another. Her album is definitely worth every cent. :)


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