Sunday, May 31, 2009

R&N - 5/31/09 - Gospel Sundays

Gospel Sundays Part II
Ok..Big apology for not being present these past couple of Sundays...but I'm back now, lets just kick it off with this ~Wait..I love how my computer CRASHED as I was ready to post this and now for the Second time ladies and gentlemen I am bringin u the GOOD NEWS...LETS GO!!

MYRON BUTLER AND LEVI....What?? LIVE yes I you read right LIVE RECORDING June 13th at the Corner Stone Baptist Church in Arlington,TX so all you folks in the DF dubb come on out and show ure support! You know it's gonna be bananas right - these GOSPEL GIANTS are gonna have crazy praise jumpin from wall to wall, sound a little excited - I AM!!

Check out the Greatness called LEVI:

Real Talk:
I said a while back that I got some juicy interviews lined up for you guys..Now I fell off for a minute...but I meant what I said...don't doubt me. SOON, I promise.

Oh goodness this is blessing me, you know how u revisit some songs and they minister to your RIGHT NOW - yeah this vidjoe, indeed. Love u guys - Peace n Blessing ~ Chris

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