Sunday, April 5, 2009

R&N - 04/05/09 Gospel Sundays II

Gospel Music Sunday...back again!

American Idol's George Huff is dropping his new album April 07th featuring producer Dallas's own Jamion J-skillz Thompson. The long anticipated album is said to be a wonder ~ "So many people are going through hard times financially and spiritually and my music is meant to recognize that and be an antidote for it." said Huff.

Check out tha new single:

It's tha question??
I was having a conversation with some of my friends and this question came up again...Why does the gospel industry seem to have more wolves in it than sheep? Speaking to some of my singer friends, I've heard that it's harder dealing with or working with producers and people on the Gospel realm than it is in tha secular. Why is that? Let me know what you think? Making a reference to "church folks" I'll tell u like I was told, "You don't go to tha hospital expecting to find a building full of healthy people...likewise, the church is full of folks that need Him."

Video of the day

This is G.I. God's Image...their album comes out on 04/07 as well, check em out:

Peace and Blessing*

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