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R&N - 03/15/09

Gospel Music Sundays...Lights, Camera, NO!

SAY it Aint SO BeBE! Say IT AInt SOOO!!! ***Deep sigh***

Grammy award winner and celeb judge of BET's reality show "Sunday Best" was booked on a misdemeanor charge for domestic violence against his ex-wife Debra Winans on March 13th. The altercation is said to have happened on Feb 13th when BeBe went to pick up his children from his ex's house in Nashville...she was tryna tell dude bout some concerns she had about tha kids and from what she say - BeBe went off and pushed her down to the ground AND she was in fear for her life. BeBe posted his bail of 1,000 dollars and had this to say ~ To be accused of these allegations which arose out of a child custody right dispute and my desire to spend time with our children as court ordered, is nothing less than heart wrenching. Since I choose to say nothing negative about my children's mother, I will make no comment other than as to say the allegations are inconsistent with my character and the foundation upon which I was raised and I am prayerful that the matter is straightened out very so for the sake of our children.

BeBe & CeCe lol ~there's said to be another album in the works
Thought u'd enjoy the throw back :-)

I would make a Chris Brown joke but...seeing as how this happened early's like "Which one came first the chicken or the egg?" And speaking of come ex-wifeys just now pressing charges?? Did lil Rihanna inspire this controversy? Don't get it twisted - I don't put nothin past nobody, let's just hope that this heir of Tribe Winans can prove otherwise. PLEASE LAWD! Let's not forget this isn't the first case of major domestic violence that has SHOCKED the Gospel World ~back in August of 07' Prophetess Juanita Bynum was violenty beat by her estranged husband ~ We need prayer too Saints...leaders even more so. Who do you think darkness targets
~ those livin in it, or those tryna bring light to others? They're human too.... just somethin to consider when you kneel tonight. Our are we waiting for Oprah to discuss the issue on Monday?
It's tha Questions / DOUBLE DAILY ROUND

1)Who would you dubb "The First Family of Gospel"?

The Clark/Moss Family - or - The Winans Family

2) True or False:
Black Gospel music originated in the final third of the nineteenth century with black "jubilee" groups that were formed in colleges primarily located in the Southeastern United States.

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