Sunday, March 8, 2009

R&N - 03/08/09 - Gospel Sunday Pt. 2

Gospel Sundays - Part II

You know what it IZ - It's ya gurl CHRIS back at it again.
Guess who's coming out with an Album on March 17th?? Why it's your favorite controversial Gospel Artist of Course ~ T to tha O-NAY baby! TONEX is scheduled to release his new album UNSPOKEN next week. While still being "technically" is rumored to have some R&B/Dance joints included in the line up....yeah yeah what's new huh?

But WAIT!!! Am I the only one that finds the album cover slightly SCARY....and Purposely at that? ThIS DuDE!!

Now you know I had to give you a lil taste! Check it out ~ the new single

**We will return to our regular scheduled program after this special announcement***

D-Town's Finest Gospel Crooner ~ MR. Ryan Leslie - I mean Ryan Brockington, lol!
Now some of you may be wondering, "Who is Ryan Brockington?" Give it time, and the world will come to know and love the musical workings of this young vessel. Ryan is a Psalmist/songwriter who was born and raised in Denton, Texas and still resides within the DFW Metroplex. Shaping his craft since he was 10 Ryan has been able to learn from seasoned musicians who are stationed in and around the DFW area. He is a former member of the awesome gospel group, Titus Glenn and United Voices, which recorded "After the Heart of You" the groups freshmen album. While with Titus Glenn and United Voices he was blessed to minister with the likes of Stellar and Grammy Award Winner's Myron Butler and Levi, Tamela Mann, George Huff and many others. Mr. Brockington was also privileged to be apart of one of the most highly anticipated events to ever hit the Dallas metro plex ,Dr.juanita Bynum’s "gospel goes classical" which featured the Dallas symphony orchestra as well as Myron Williams.Personally Mr. Brockington has shared the stage with Tim Clifton W/ Purpose, Dana Hemphill, Eric Bridine and The Messengers among many others. Most recently in Summer of 2008 Ryan was privileged to work with Gospel great Tommye Young-West on her newest offering “Created to Worship.” Mr Brockington’s poignant background vocals can be noted on tracks like Created to Worship, Deliverance and Why Did He Do It, among various others. Ryan has his hands in several projects right now , at the focus of which is the expansion of his own personal ministry. Look for some new music from Ryan Brockington in the upcoming year of 2009. This young man truly has something to say. .. Whoa COME on SOMBodIE!!!

Wanna see for problem
Ryan Brockington - Live At The Verge some of you might be wondering "What's Tha Question of tha day Chris?"

What if I told you AINT NO QUESTION OF THA DAY!!! GRrrrr?
Naw honestly, I'm interested in finding out what kind of questions you guys may lets make a deal, you email me "A" question you would like to have the Music Forecast crew "observe" or ponder per say... and next Sunday I will feature it - the most interesting one that is. Deal??? I guess we'll see won't we. By the way...that was the Question of the day ~ IN YO FACE!!

Til we meet again....Peace and Blessings*

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