Thursday, March 12, 2009

R&N -- LEAK CRITIQUE -- 03/12/08


What up world?! If you haven't heard already, Ms Keri (babe-beh) Keri Hilson has releashed a rather peculiar remix to "Turnin Me On". It features Grammy award winners T-Pain and Lil Wayne and is straight fire. Allegedly, it seems that Keri is taking a jab at 2 key ladies in the industry that will go nameless...but Ciara and Beyonce aren't too happy about I'm jus sayin. You be the judge as the story continues...

SO...after all the aftermath, Ciara does an interview at a local ATL radio station and is later joined by Ms. Hilson herself. This should be interesting right???? Check it out.

Yeah, so Keri definitely dodged THAT bullet of controversy amongst the industries leading ladies. But with that momentuum CONTINUALLY keeps leaking tracks left and right. One in particular with Kanye West called "Making Love". It's actually pretty hott...but a love interest? Just wasn't expectin it....jus sayin.

Lastly, J. Sully supposedly has a new vid out but....not really? Director Matthew Cherry's adaptation of the song brings new light to the beautiful lyrics of "I'm in Love With Another Man" by Jazmine Sullivan. Really likes the vid. It intensives the song and vice versa. Personally love black and white media period. Check it out.

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