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R&N - 3/01/09 - Gospel Sundays

Music Forecast Gospel Sundays....Late Night

Tha Quiet Storm


DENTON, Texas – The live recording of Titus Glenn’s second album,
The Worshipper’s Corner”, will be held Saturday, March 28.
The album is based on giving God a yes despite what you want,”
Elder and recording artist, Titus Glenn, said. “Never the less not my
will but your will be done.” The doors open at 5 p.m. and the recording begins at 6 p.m. It is located at The Verge, 3838 Spur 408 in Dallas, Texas. Featured artist include: Lady Michelle Nurse and Remnant, Candy West, Tha Messenger and Anointed Worshippers.
"Just say yes to God,” said Glenn. “You may not understand it and you may not like it, but just say yes.” Titus Glenn released his first album, “After the Heart of You”, in 2006. The album featured songs such as, “Sovereign God”, which can be heard on the radio and “In Advance”, a popular song choice for local choirs.
For more information, please contact Elder Titus Glenn at (888) 242-5964 or email at, ya girl almost didn't make it, cuz up til this second right here! thIS second RIGHT HErE! My computer was actin mad janky and I was PrAYIN that I would make it in time. SO...welcome to the Late Night Quiet Storm Edition of the Music Forecast Gospel Sundays...I think it's only appropriate to start you off with a "classic" gospel slow jam. Enjoy

It's tha Questions
How does this sound..."Oooh you a sexy gospel singer" AHWAH?? Come again? I once heard somebody say that. Strange and Unholy right...that's exactly what I thought UNTIL the day I listened to
J. Moss producer, songwriter, singer extraordinaire, and it was then in that moment that I realized what they's that breathy commentary! It's not necessarily that it sounds sexy but ~ It's when you're listenin to that SLOW JAM for JESuS n' you have to catch yourself cuz tha groove you caught wasn't a very Pentecostal? And then you remind yourself "Hey, this is a gospel SONG!" I know I'm not the only one - tell tha truth....Do you think that Gospel music should sound a specific way? I've heard it preached over pull pits often,"You know you can't tell our music from the worlds now - We need to go back to the Traditional!" But on the flip side, REALLY... just how many souls n' hearts have been penetrated by Contemporary Christian and R&P (Rhythm and Praise) OR Gospel Rap and Rock for that matter...for those folks who WONT give "Church music" a chance, but find themselves groovin then askin, "Hey, this is a gospel song?" ...listenin.

I'm not judging, just asking tha questions.

What do you think about Love songs for Christians? We've heard em from artist like TD Jakes (Satin Sheets don't slide HAH!) and PJ Morton, son of Bishop Paul Morton
NO,LA ~Let me know at

Nightly Meditations

Psalm 63:5-9 (The Message)

If I'm sleepless at midnight,
I spend the hours in grateful reflection.
Because you've always stood up for me,
I'm free to run and play.
I hold on to you for dear life,
and you hold me steady as a post

This concludes the Quiet Storm Edition...nighty nite Saints...Keep it Grown and Holy!

don't Sleep on tha TG Live Recording, it's gonna be AMAZING! Be blessed ~ Chris

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