Sunday, March 22, 2009

R&N - 03/22/09 - Gospel Sunday Pt. 1

Gospel Music Sundays ~ Don't Play!

Whew--Ooooh-OOOOOHhhhh!!! (Imagine Tye Triple "T" singing)

ShhhhHH ~ It's only a rumor right now, but I'm hoping it's true.

Supposedly Kim Burrell is releasing her new album on April 7th!

I received an email from a friend of a fan organization of Kim's [on facebook I believe] that released the info this week...this is what tha source says," A credible source told me that she was in Houston, TX attending Jericho City Church this past Sunday and Kim Burrell was there. My source says that Kim Burrell then stood up and annouced that her CD will be on shelves APRIL 7th!!" We'll SEE, don't get too excited...this is only hearsay OK?? Gossip if you ask me...tha GOOD kind! lol

Try not to Go In....Trust ME!!

Mary Mary's New Vidjoe ;-)

So it's the moment we've all been waiting for since the album first dropped, M-squared has been on tha set shooting a new video for tha snap ya fingers do ya step joint ~ God In Me. I absolutely love this song, dem girls and their producers have always brought to us that music that makes ya dance while giving Him ALL the Glory! Classic Mary Mary ~ Tha SOUND. But guess what star cameos they've conjured up??? It's crazy ya'll!

Flex and Shanice (two of the most slept on artist) Mad PROPS!

Wonder if we'll see any classic Fonzy moves?? (That's right! Fonzy.)

Rapper Kanye West will be featured on the video. Remix huh?? Hmm this will be interesting!

I'm sorry but I couldn't Resist!! Hahaha...

It's da Questions...

Yep it's that time again...though I must say, I'm not hearing feedback from you guys like I should...WAKE UP SAINTS ~ this is serious FUN back to tha script~ Listen, What do you guys think of Sundays Best winner Crystal Aikins ~ Just got the new album and I have my own thoughts about it and was wondering what your response to it has been ~ Yay or Nay?? Hit me up:

If you haven't heard it yet, here's a sample ~ Love n' Peaceful Blessings

P.S. Don't forget~
The live recording of Titus Glenn’s second album,

The Worshipper’s Corner”, will be held Saturday, March 28. The doors open at 5 p.m. and the recording begins at 6 p.m. It is located at The Verge, 3838 Spur 408 in Dallas, Texas. Featured artist include: Lady Michelle Nurse and Remnant, Candy West, Tha Messenger and Anointed Worshippers.


Anonymous said...

Ahh... That lil' girl is CUTE!

Anonymous said...

Tye Tribett's singing? What's the rumor?