Tuesday, February 24, 2009

R&N - 2/24/09 - Evening News

500 lbs of Fabolous Trouble

On Feb 20, Arkansas police revealed that they seized nearly 500 pounds of marijuana from a tour bus this week. Police claim that they initially stopped the bus for driving on the shoulder of a highway on Tuesday night, Feb 17, and when they searched the bus they found 496 pounds of marijuana in a duffle bag. Two men from Georgia identified as 52-year-old Edward Thimas and 44-year-old Robert Morris, who were on the bus, implicated Fabolous. The police also found $6,452 in cash on the men.

The two men, told the police that they were returning from the NBA All-Star Weekend in Phoenix and they had been escorting Fabolous who was not on the bus during their arrest. The men claimed that Fabolous and another rapper who was not identified loaded the marijuana on the bus and told them to contact them when they got to Boston. Police said they are keeping the two men in custody because the stories they gave during interrogation were conflicting.

It is unclear whether Fabolous has been questioned.



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Anonymous said...

It was my weed and what happened to the other 4 pounds?

I was in the Army and there is no way you can get 500 pounds of weed in a duffle bag. You would need about 20 duffle bags unless the weed was really compressed.

Think about it!!!