Saturday, February 14, 2009

R&N - 02/14/09 - OnSmash Saturday pt.2

I haven't brought you any new artists for a month or so. Forgive me. Did you miss me? haha. College is crazy busy.
Happy Valentine's Day, by the way. This is not just for couples. Remember you have friends and family who love you. :)

On to business.
There's a singer named Priscilla. She's from New York, and has been blowing up the radio on Party 105.3 (Long Island radio station) since October! "Time" is the track and expresses what everyone feels at some point in their lives.

Every single day I'm little closer
Every step I take, I know I'm almost there.
Gotta stay away from the things that bring me down...
(Never give up. Never give up.)
the chorus ending in:
I will be just fine. It's just a matter of time.

This strong Latina has some chords you can't touch. She's a little pop, a little RnB, and a little club-y.

Check her out on myspace and add her street team to find out how to help support her. Radio support team here. She's currently recording some new songs. Hear part of one of them in her latest vlog.

Priscilla's Vlog: January 14th.

Also, If you're going to be in the NYC are at the end of the month, you can see her live. February 28 at 9pm at the Alor Cafe in Staten Island. Details on her myspace page and


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