Tuesday, January 27, 2009

R&N 1-27-08 Rock & Roll Tuesday

James Brown Bio Pic

In an interview with MTV, Spike Lee is in talks to direct a James Brown bio pic with Wesley Snipes playing the Godfather himself. The picture shows a striking resemblance between the two of them. There is a big problem though; Wesley was convicted of Tax evasion last April. While he remains a free man until his appeal goes to trial, Lee would have to rush the filming in order to avoid any "slow downs" that could result from the court system. Also, Snipes doesn't garner the star power he once commanded since his last 6 films were sent to the DVD shelves. I'm interested to see how this could pan out.

Fall Out Boy Covers Simpson Theme

Check out the behind the scenes video of FOB doing their rendition of the famous theme song by Danny Elfman. Interesting fact: Fall Out Boy's name actually comes from the Simpson's Radioactive Man's side kick, Fallout Boy.

Jason Mraz - I'm Yours (Acoustic)
Probably the best song of '08


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