Thursday, January 1, 2009

R&N -- 01/01/2009 -- LEAK CRITIQUE


What up world??? I hope you all brought in the New Year right and are enjoying ur New Years Day OFF!!! Shout out to all those that had to work today. There should be a law right?lol Anyway, I've decided to see what all thought about these latest drops from the Queen B, Beyonce. Now I love everything she does.....BUT. lol And its not TOO big of a deal....

Beyonce - Diva

What dance was that at the end B? Maybe it was like, " alright ladies, lets just do...somethin random." lol Video was bossy though. Am I the only one that could see Aaliyah in this vid?

Beyonce - Halo

Aight...I HATE when peeps do a video and mouth the words like its the easiest thing to sing when its loud and a high note!!! I mean is it jus me??? HALOOOOOOOO.... and her mouth is barely cracked. LOL I'm jus sayin. Chemistry here is solid. A kiss wouldn't have hurt though B. I mean...if u can do it in Cadallac Records??? BIG props for that movie...regardless of its outcome...then u can pucker up in this. U gotta be able to tell the ladies how it was to kiss Mike Ealy.

Anyway...good stuff B! Keep up that black n white. Still prayin bout the Eartha Kitt bit. But still...keep it

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