Friday, December 5, 2008

R&N -- 12/05/08 -- LEAK CRITIQUE

808 & Heartbreak: Celebrate or Headache?

Who can truly define genius in music culture today? Is the definition justified by a "classic" label deemed by avid listeners and critics? Or maybe it's proclaimed title is supported by the coveted platinum status after an artist's first release week of their LP. Kanye West has proven already that even the common listener can comprehend the struggles of "Flashing Lights" and unites everyone with dreams of a "Good Life". Sure; had a great beat too. But with 808 & Heartbreak, that avid listener is only prompted with "the" question. "What are you doing?!?!? This isn't Hip Hop!" But some would say that he is simply creating a product for his Minority listeners; a product that is appreciated by others like himself... simple Art.

Art never receives an A+ on a test nor is there a grading system to challenge or confine it's intent. However, although West breaks new ground with his ecletic sounds = Say U Will, systematic harmonies = Paranoid, Robocop , and electric-romantic gothic-like emotions = Heartless, he WILL demonstrate that changing one's mind... is not so far fetched.


Yo! This ish is mad different! But I would be a fool to just dismiss what Kanye is doing. You don't have to agree with an artist but you ALWAYS have to respect them, because they exercise tenacity; something so many of us lack. I had an arguement with a friend of mine regarding "Love Lockdown". Not gonna lie; I said it was He said all this "Oh the artist" mumbo jumbo. And I just felt that if it took Edison 10 thousand times?lol But honestly, it makes sense with this project. So this joint "Graduation"...which shows us why he kept having "Late Registration" back in school...and why one WOULD "Dropout". Hell! Because no one understood you 'Ye! lol But some of us do.

So for the record...I likes. He redefines what a "flop" album is in my Simply understanding the artist point of view; "Feeling Like Other People" (FLOP) lol When we don't understand, isn't that the "scarlet letter" we engrave on the project? Once you invoke the "mad scientist" of Kanye West you open up a utopia of "good music". Did you bob your head? I'm sure. Did you close your eyes? Sure. Did u drift off into some purgatoric place? Maybe. Did you do the Stanky Leg? Hell no.... Mission Accomplished.

Grade: Solid B


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