Saturday, August 9, 2008

R&N - 08/09/08 - OnSmash Saturday Pt. 1

I love Malese Jow!

You may have seen her on tv and in a movie, though. She's most recognized from playing Geena Fabiano, the very stylish best friend of Addie Singer in "Unfabulous," which used to air on TeenNick, but now airs re-runs on The-N. Malese has also acted in The Bratz Movie that came out last year. Most recently, she appeared in Disney Channel's "Wizards of Waverly Place" in an episode involving movies. So, you know she acts, but did you also know she sings?

Malese Jow, age 17, has a voice like no other I've heard. She actually semi-reminds me of Demi (Lovato).. because of the way her vocal talents amazed me. like woah! but obviously, they're two different people. Malese is teamed with award-winning Platinum producer, PJ Bianco, for song-writing & producing. It's amazing. Btw, she's also unsigned, like most the other artists I've written about.

for a quick pop-dance beat
"Hey Oh!"

really hear her range here
"Caught Up in You"

and I freaking LOVE these lyrics, her vocals, & everything about this song
"Where You Belong"

I love Malese because she's got some serious talent. She's had fan art contests & such. The results were pretty cool. She came from a small town in Oklahoma and she knows how hard to work to make your dreams come true. Her bulletins are heartfelt or just plain fun. She gives us video updates, too, which I also love. She's extremely cool.

I'm sooo buying her album whenever it happens. So check her out!

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Eddie G. said...

Malese also recorded her song "GO GO" with PJ Bianco and Eddie Galan (High School Musical, Hannah Montana Soundtrack, Clique Girlz)...