Monday, August 4, 2008

R&N - 08/04/08 - Evening News

Hey folks,

Cam'ron Is So Greasy

AB: Cam'ron is so greasy...
C: How greasy is he?
AB: Cam'ron is so greasy, he sold Juelz Santana's contract to Def Jam for $2 Milli... and thinks nothing of it...
C: Dannng homie...

Juelz Santana's new album coming out is titled Born To Lose, Built To Win.
He kinda swung it by Miss Info like this...

"Oh, by the way, I gotta talk to you about something else too. I sold Juelz' contract to Def Jam for $2 million dollars."

Juelz: "Yeah, I'm free, and ready to do me. But it's still Dipset for life. It's just going to be a new chapter."

"I have no hard feeling for Cam, after all, he did give me a chance," he said. "But I will say this, I was loyal to him and he took advantage."

Go figure... I guess if I couldn't get my swagger back with a single, I'd sell my man's too, lol.


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