Saturday, July 19, 2008

R&N - 07/19/08 - OnSmash Saturday Pt. 3

Time For A Change

Do you want to help change the world? Do you think you can change the world? Well, whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right.
"The biggest lie you'll ever hear is when they say that you can't" --Believe

a little something to get you pumped up...

If you're in middle school or high school.. & live or just happen to be within a 1/2hr- hour's distance of Frisco, I suggest you head over there tomorrow night. 8500 Teel Pkway. It's at the intersection of Main & Teel. Frisco, TX.
doors open at 6:30. Did I mention you can win an iPod? I don't care if you already have one. You could give it to someone less fortunate.. like me, who doesn't. lol. ( Just playin. I really don't have an iPod, tho. :( )

get a sneak peek of some of the music @ Whether you live in TX at all or not, this is freaking awesome. quite life-changing. honestly. well, Xcel is. (

Pretty much, Tr'Ace takes well-known songs & twists them into either something just fun or totally different from the original lyrics. It's awesome.

I'd post a picture.. but I think you should HEAR him before you see him. hahah! (got King Kong in the trunk..)

Also, if you listen to the tracks on his myspace, the other voice talents are either Clay Jones (singing).. or JerSean (rapping).

'cause This [music] industry ain't nothin but some Carbon Copies
BTW, the song "Carbon Copies" goes to the beat of "Crank that Batman" =D
I LOVE that. haha.

Find out more about Escape Average HERE. It's a movement and a life style. & well, actually, probably wait a day or two after the concert so you can see what the site is normally like. & have the previous mixtapes downloadable.

PS- the "King Kong" music video quite amusing, LoL

I never liked this song.. but this version, I love.

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