Sunday, July 20, 2008

R&N - 07-20-08 - GOSPEL SUNDAY Pt. 2


He is the leader of the Holy South Movement. After giving his life to the Lord in April of 2000, he has graced the front page of the Commercial Appeal, an ABC special with Mike Flemming, BET special with Pator Creflo Dollar and local news coverage of his outreach ministry. Now signed with EMI Gospel & Holy Hip Hop, he now has the ability to spread the Gospel through the ministry God has endowed him with. He heads Holy South Records and pastors a string of Holy South Ministries. Some would call him, " the chosen Hip Hop Apostle to this generation."

Mr. Dell and X- Factor will both be in concert July 25th at the Unity Church in Dallas, TX. Check out Mr. Del. Definitely something to move to?

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