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R&N - 07/12/08 - OnSmash Saturday Pt. 3

not entirely new stuff, but still AMAZING

Ok, so,

I wasn’t going to do this.. but ‘AB’ kept insisting on it. My intent was to do new upcoming artists.. but whatever.. I can work it in. It’s my review of the Wednesday night concert that freaking rocked like no other. I’m partially biased.. but regardless, the stunts and tricks that they pulled and all of it were their own ideas. I am, of course, talking about the Jonas Brothers & opening act Demi Lovato. (Click the picture to find info about her meet & greets.)

I’ll leave my own struggles to get there out of this. LoL. But it totally was some struggles. I was freaking out & praying like the whole time… even while on the way there. It didn’t look too good.

For those with Lawn seats/tickets, which most venues are outdoor, Be happy. Well, don’t be sad. I had lawn seat tickets. I was on the ramp.. behind all the actual seats, but in front of the lawn. & I was on the railing leaned over to see/record closer for like 1/2 of it. After “Hello Beautiful,” I noticed a few empty seats in front of me, so I got off the ramp & headed down toward well... 1/2way to the stage.. It was awesome. & Demi rocked it. I was like.. “you GO, Demi!” :D. I kinda got to the concert area right when she got off-stage, tho.. (for the opening act, ya know). hm. I missed the Meet & Greet. but ya, I'm totally buying her album. loves her voice.

It was massive.. lol, quoting Kevin in a previous “Living the Dream” a “wall of sound”. Haha, I now understand…especially during “Hello Beautiful”. Like WOAH.
I tried to get a pic of Garbo.. I kinda did. lol, not very good, tho. RIP.. Grog Blog.. :(

Coming back to what I’m saying. Bright new voice: Demi Lovato. Don’t totally write her off as Disney. Just sayin. “Forget” is soo deep. Watch the Shine-On Media recordings of the live shows. Ahhhmazing! Again, I’m sad I missed her.

Demi Lovato - "Forget" at Hershey Park (courtesy Shine-On Media)

for more info & updates on Demi, visit her official and very cool fan-site:

If you're going to go to a show this summer, well, at least at our show, posters were not allowed in. You can retreive them at the end, tho.
Semi-SPOILERS:.. so if you’re going to a "Burnin Up" show & want to be surprised.. do NOT read below the asterisks *. btw, Taylor Swift was there watching near Mama & Papa J. pretty cool. I only found out after like an hour. I didn't see her, but she was.


Very cool laser light show during and between some of the songs. They did lots of flips, especially Nick. The only new songs I knew & sang along to were “Shelf” aka “DTMHAPIOAS” lol, ‘dinosaur’ and “A Little Bit Longer” & “Burnin Up”. (btw, that song... so NOT Disney channel. lol) “One Man Show” is sooo so good. “BB Good” haha, yes! They also did a cover of a Shania Twain song "I'm Gonna Getcha".. & Joe puts this low voice into it. omg. Sorry, I lack words now remembering that. Nick J talked about his diabetes.. & sang "A Little Bit Longer" & man, I really didn't want to cry, but gosh, that boy's voice is so powerful & you could feel it. woah. *chills* Dear God. (ha, if you understood that pun, comment. We should be friends.) Also, I don't understand the Kevin hate that I've seen online. I love them all, but seeing them live.. for real, I appreciate Kevin more than before. ah-mazing. Those risers during "Hello Beautiful" totally freaked me out. I'm not gonna lie. I was kinda scared for Joe... with his track record. :-P lol. & It was fun seeing Joe tap-dance. They sang 3 songs from Camp Rock.. including obviously "This Is Me." Did I mention Demi rocked that?! ya. Also, I can't not mention this... if you have seats anywhere semi-close to the stage, prepare to get wet. & there's also pyro stuff involved, but audience isn't part of that. lol

PS- if you want to see some clips from the show or other Jonas-related stuff, this is also my YouTube username. :)

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