Monday, June 30, 2008

R&N - 06/30/08 - Mixtape Monday

Hey folks,

Mixtape Monday is a lil' late, but I've got something hilarious for ya'll if you're into the Rocafella camp (or maybe not), lol. You'll understand once you see this vid.

ROC Bottom

On a brighter note, check out Jay-Z live doin' his American Boy remix.
Jay-Z - American Boy Remix (Live @ Glastonbury)

And we're gonna have to put Amy Winehouse songs on Mixtape Mondays if she's gonna be acting this Gangsta... Check out the vid.
Amy Winehouse in Concert Throwin' Bows



Ambular said...

Yall didn't know Winehouse was gangsta...who you know does crack on video and still walking aorund not in jail???

AB said...

LOL! Very good point. :-D