Thursday, June 26, 2008

R&N -- 06/26/08 -- LEAK CRITIQUE


Ok, this will be quick So I'm sure everyone has been hearing about the released tape by 50 showing the "sensitive" side of Young Buck right? Well...even though I am pro Buck due to 50's b!t$'m not really...feelin....this.....diss?

AND I think I'm ashamed to say I think Game actually came wit it on this diss?lol I'm jus sayin. I think I'm Ya'll check it out. And critique, critique!

ANDDDDDD!!!! I'm definitely NOT a Team 50...but I will admit the guy got swagga...BUT...I can't even take this seriously. And Yayo???? This is Hilarity Clinton....unintentionally. I'm jus sayin.

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