Friday, June 13, 2008

R&N - 06/13/08 - MF3 Exclusive - R. Kelly Case Pt. 1

Hey folks,

R Kelly
R. Kelly - Not Guilty!

This just in... R. Kelly is officially a free man... After all that evidence and all those witnesses, R. Kelly is free! And it seems to stem from ... a missing mole!!!

Kelly was facing up to 15 years for for child pornography. The victim is now 23 years old and denies that it was her after her family and friends confirmed it as her. (Her class ring was even identified!)

Defense attorneys claimed that R.Kelly has a large mole on his back and the man in the tape didn’t. So, clearly, it couldn't have been him...???

Man, all I know is that this is just a straight mess... With all the songs he's done in the early 90's to now as well as his alleged marriage to underaged Aaliyah... even people who knew the people who knew both of them and even another victim verified the situation... and he still got off.... Kells got some prize-winning lawyers, and probably an account full of hush-money... That's all I got to say about that until I get more word on this...

This just ain't right...

R. Kelly - Guilty Until Proven Innocent


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