Thursday, May 29, 2008

R&N -- 05/29/08 -- LEAK CRITIQUE


What up world?!?!??! SO the most anticipated film of the summer has finally arrived. Sex and the City has not only given all the ladies THE chick flick of the year, but has given academy award winning, and sure to be I'm sure, grammy award winning singer/actress Jennifer Hudson her opportunity to debut her single entitled Spotlight from her self-titled album.

Other appearances on the soundtrack includes Michelle Williams. Speaking of the new popstress...why am I just now seeing that Break of Dawn video????? HATED ITTTTT!!!!! Sorry...just Now I heard the track first and then saw the vid. I like the's just somethin about this vid. Ya'll check it out. Hopefully we can anticipate something better on the soundtrack.

But anyway, check out Jen's single Spotlight. I'm DEFINITELY liking. They toned her ALLLL the way down, but still your vintage Jen ya know? JT~1

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